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Our story begins with a personal story. our family was in a situation that is similar to your story. we needed to bond someone out of jail and our story begins.

we began by combing through the endless online information, trying our best to navigate which companies would serve our needs. the premiums were the same with all las vegas companies, 15% mandated by the state of nevada. the promised turn-around time was give or take the same after a bond was posted the law states up to 24 hours to release. location was important to us, we started to see that there were just mobile bail bonds service and for us that was suspicious… we wanted a brick and mortar company established within the community. next was filtering through the bondsman whom we called. call after call we were frustrated by the apathy and put off by the lack of professionalism. the experience we had with the bail bonds industry left us questioning if there was a better way to assist people in bad situations.

we started doing research and believed that there was much that could be improved regarding bail bonds service in las vegas. a bondsman and the bail bonds industry is a vital part of our legal system securing basic constitutional rights by way of the 8th amendment. from a community point of view, a bondsman is there to facilitate the bond and much more. community outreach and client education is an elevated approach to an industry that has a very bad reputation. we formed kind bail bonds to address deficiencies we found in the industry. we are located one block from justice court and the clark county detention center. our environment is safe, friendly and well informed. we have ample client parking and assist you in following your case and court requirements until the bond is exonerated and your case is finished. on any given day you will see our parking lot full of clients going to court and then stopping back to let us know how things are going. our clients matter and we make ourselves available to their needs. we have assisted many people in the las vegas community and plan on doing so for many more years to come. we also have assisted with international clients who have become dear friends to kind bail bonds. we like what we do and it shows.

we started our tagline 5 years ago when developing our company… rethink what you know. it was and still remains our motto. if you close your eyes and imagine a mental picture of a bondsman and it is not a pretty one… you are not alone. ethics, kindness and a sense of fair play keep our compass set north… we want the public conception of this industry to change and we are paving the path. long standing community outreach is at the center of our business. we are actively involved in the las vegas legal community and community programs. kind is our name and we do live up it.

we are firm believers that there is room for kindness within the united states of america justice system. we believe that the bail system, albeit needs improvement, is a constitutional right which we must honor. we believe that for longevity sake people are more important than a fast buck.

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considering the circumstances, I can’t begin to say enough compassionate things about this business. debbie went above and beyond to take the time to explain the process and treated us like family. she truly cares about all parties concerned. would strongly recommend kind bail bonds to anyone that needs their service.

kind bail bonds is the only way to go if you or your loved one needs bailing out!!!
very friendly and compassionate staff working hard in a professional and timely matter!
thank you #kindbailbonds for all that you do!!!

awesome!!! very friendly, and kind they are. i would recommend to anyone in need. joy was definitely a joy to work with. debbie was amazing. not an easy and pleasant situation to be in. these ladies made the whole process amazing for me and my family would recommend to any and everyone

i am please with the excellent and prompt service I received. thank you, kind bail bonds! huge thanks to cherese!! i recommend this place for your bail bond needs!!

i am please with the excellent and prompt service I received. thank you, kind bail bonds! huge thanks to cherese!! i recommend this place for your bail bond needs!!

the associates at be kind bail bonds went above and beyond to get me bailed out of jail. with a complicated case like mine, they worked day and night until they got all the right paperwork filed and they even helped me get a great lawyer too. i’m so grateful for be kind bail bonds. i highly recommend them to anyone who really wants to get out of jail and if your case is complicated like mine. thank you to joy and company! 5 stars all the way!!!

i want to thank the employees at kind bail bonds for making me a priority and getting me out quickly. they are easy to get ahold of when you need them. they are all polite and understanding with varying situations. i highly recommend them.

i was about to give up on finding a bondsman. i didn’t think any of them were going to be able to do anything, at a reasonable price that is. i’m from out of state so getting someone out of jail costs a pretty penny. and right when i was about to quit I called and the lady that helped me completely saved my day! they did whatever they could to make it within reach. it’s not just a job to them, they legitimately care. by the time I was done hanging up the phone i was almost in tears because there’s still that good of people in the world.

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