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In The State of Nevada, there are two types of weapons charges, felony or misdemeanor. Your weapons charge will typically arise from several scenarios. Felons are not allowed to possess firearms and to do so is a felony. Prohibited persons, also include carrying of a concealed weapon without a license. Carrying a concealed weapon in The State of Nevada without a license is a felony. Gun charges may also be a penalty enhancement for additional crimes.

What is a Felony Weapon bail bonds ?

The State of Nevada bail schedule lists the exact amount of bail that will be charged for each offense. If you are facing felony weapons charges it is likely that your bond will be high. Weapon bail bonds do not differ from other types of bail bonds in regards to the process of posting bail. However, you can expect that if you have a felony weapons charge that your bail will range from $25,000.00 and up. Below-listed are some examples from the 2017 Nevada County Felony Bail Schedule for felony weapons charges:

  • 245(a)(1)(2) Assault with a Deadly Weapon or Force Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury 25,000 245(a)(3) Assault with a Machine Gun 75,000 245(b) Assault with Semi-Automatic Weapon 50,000 245(c) Assault with Deadly Weapon – Peace Officer 50,000 245(d)(1)(2)(3)Assault with Firearms – Peace Officer 50,000
  • 245.5 Assaults on School Employees – Likely GBI 25,000
  • 246 Shooting at Inhabited Building or Vehicle 50,000

What is a Misdemeanor Weapon bail bonds ?

Even though you may have the proper license for a gun there are numerous laws that govern gun and weapon ownership. Upon obtaining a weapons license in The State of Nevada, you must obey laws concerning possession and selling. For example, there are places where weapons are strictly prohibited and thus if these laws are broken penalties do exist. False information provided on a concealed weapons permit is a misdemeanor crime. As well, other infraction concerning sales of weapons to prohibited persons also carries with it a misdemeanor charge. In 2017 The State of Nevada County revised the bail schedule for Clark County. Below-listed are some examples of misdemeanor
weapons offenses:

  • 17500 Possession of a Deadly Weapon With Intent to Assault $5,000
  • 17510 Possession of a Deadly Weapon or Firearm While Picketing $5,000
  • 18735 Selling, Transporting or Possessing Fixed Ammunition Greater Than .60 Caliber $5,000
  • 19405 Selling a Less Lethal Weapon to a Minor $2,500
  • 19910 Selling BB Device to a Minor OR**
  • 19915 Furnishing BB Device to a Minor w/o Parental Permission OR**
  • 20150 Altering Imitation Firearm $1,000 20810 Commercially Selling or Possessing for Sale an Undetectable Knife OR**
  • 21510 Possession of a Switchblade Knife $1,000
  • 21710 Possession of Composite or Wooden Knuckles $1,000 2017
  • 22610 Illegal Possession of a Stun Gun $1,000
  • 22900 Illegal Possession of Tear Gas $1,000 23920 Possession of a Firearm With Altered or Obliterated Identification Mark or Number $5,000 25100 Criminal Storage of a Loaded Firearm – 2nd Degree $5,000
  • 25200 Criminal Storage of a Concealable Firearm or of a Firearm Brought to School $5,000
  • 25400 Concealed Firearm – Misdemeanor Violation $5,000 25850 Loaded Firearm on Person or in Vehicle $5,000
  • 26100(a) Driver or Owner of Vehicle Permitting Another to Possess Loaded Firearm in Vehicle $2,500
  • 26180 False Information on CCW Application $2,500
  • 26500 Illegal Sale or Transfer of Firearm Without a License $1,000 28250 False Information on Application to Purchase Firearm $2,500
  • 29825(b) Possession or Ownership of Firearm by Prohibited Person Due to Existing Restraining or Protective Order $10,000 30306 Knowingly Supply, Sell or Give Ammunition to Prohibited Person $1,500
  • 30310 Possession of Ammunition on School Grounds $5,000 31615 Sale, Purchase or Transfer of a Handgun Without a Valid Safety Certificate $2,500 32000 Selling, Giving or Lending Unsafe Handgun $2,500