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August 30, 2017

Sin City and Bail Bonds

Las Vegas – One Of A Kind City

Bail in Las Vegas is unique because Las Vegas is a one of a kind city. The history of our town dates back to May 15, 1905. Las Vegas was incorporated in 1911 as a part of Clark County. Very soon after in 1931, the first casino was built on Highway 91, The Pair-o-Duce. Ten years after in 1941 The El Rancho Vegas opened as the first casino opened on the strip. The story of Sin City starts here as Las Vegas rapidly gained a reputation as an adult play land for gambling, drinking, easy marriages and divorces, prostitution, drugs and the attitude of anything goes as long as nobody gets hurt. Of course, as with the best of plans, things go wrong and folks get in trouble.

Las Vegas bail is different because of the many facets of our culture that have already been legalized. Gambling in Las Vegas became legal in 1931. Prostitution has been legal in Nevada since 1902. This year the voters of Las Vegas have been heard and embraced recreational marijuana and Las Vegas now is dotted with legal cannabis clubs. Millions upon millions visit Las Vegas from all across the world to see what America’s Amsterdam is all about. Las Vegas is one of the last cities in America that allow tobacco smokers to still light up indoors; we are a 24-hour town, 7 days a week 365 days a year. However, with all this unabashed freedom comes rules and with rules there shall be order.
A very serious mistake that visitors have is that Las Vegas has relaxed laws. Contrary to public perception, this is just not true, especially if you are staying at one of our beautiful casinos. At kind bail bonds, we see so many cases of domestic battery. A simple argument at the casino can result in a battery domestic charge. Calling security or a patron of the casino calling security will 9 times out of 10 results in someone going to jail. It is very wise to be mindful of alcohol consumption while being a guest the casino. Las Vegas is a friendly and forgiving town but Las Vegas is tough on order. kind bail bonds will assist you and your family through the domestic battery bail process. We have a caring staff and like Las Vegas, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Prostitution is legal in only some places in Nevada not in Las Vegas. A common mistake that our visitors have is that legal prostitution exists in our entire state. We here at kind bail bonds have been asked numerous times to clarify this matter. The below map is of The State of Nevada. The red part of the map (which includes Las Vegas in the Southern part) is where prostitution is illegal. The yellow part of the map is where brothels are legal and they exist. The green is where prostitution is permitted but there are no active brothels.

State of Nevada

Las Vegas is known for its continuous party life but again DUI in Las Vegas is a serious offense. kind bail bonds is available to you as your premier bail bondsman in Las Vegas if you ever taken in for a DUI. Driving under the influence in Las Vegas is really no laughing matter. Our town has a tremendous reputation for fun, however when the fun becomes criminal people find themselves in complicated positions. kind bail bonds helps you and your family with all aspects of the DUI process. We have extensive community outreach with local rehabilitation centers as well as working closely with State of Nevada court approved classes. Bailing someone out on a DUI is just the first part of this process. If this is perhaps the first or second offense it then becomes more complicated. kind bail bonds will see you and your family throughout the entire process until your case is done. Las Vegas has turned to kind bail bonds for years entrusting our company to see your loved one home and back to living a normal life.

Tourists and locals alike spend billions of dollars each year in gambling. Gambling revenue is the blood in the veins of Las Vegas. We are world renown for our casinos and our gambling. As a result, Nevada lawmakers have written very harsh and punitive laws to penalize cheating at the casinos. Las Vegas prosecutors and law enforcement take cheating at the casinos very seriously and the punishment on some levels is messages to casino cheaters…do not try this in Las Vegas. kind bail bonds works hard for you when you or a loved one finds themselves with a defrauding the casino charge. We extend our services to reach out to the international facilitation of release.

Last but not least, if you are over 21and have a valid ID you may legally purchase up to an ounce of pot or one-eighth of edibles or concentrate. However, you may only smoke in a private home which does not include your casino hotel room. While it is totally legal to walk up and down The Strip with an alcoholic beverage, beer, wine, tropical juice, insanely large glass container it is totally illegal to smoke pot in your hotel room, in bars, on the casino floor, restaurants, concerts, and parks in Las Vegas. kind bail bonds has seen many variations of such infractions ranging from a 600.00 ticket to other more serious charges requiring bail.

When you are here in Las Vegas as a tourist visiting our wonderful city we wish that you have fun and stay clear out of trouble. However, we know that bad things happen to good people here at kind bail bonds. We have been serving this community with pride and understand that sometimes things get out of control. Remember we are the premier Las Vegas bail bond company. Here to help you and your family. We have free parking which is a huge score in Las Vegas and we are directly behind The Clark County Detention Center. In a bind…call kind.

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