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August 9, 2017

How does bail bonds work ?


If you are arrested, you or your family will most likely want you to be released from jail and remain free while your case is making its way through the court system.

A “bail” is a way in which you can be released from prison while you are awaiting trial. The court sets a dollar amount – known as your bail – in order to prevent you from fleeing before your court date. If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to understand how the bail process works.

How does bail work ?

Probably one of the most common question asked by a person looking to hire a bail bondsman or bail bonds service for the first time is “how does bail bonds work ?”

Well let’s put it this way, when someone is arrested he or she may be given the option of paying a monetary fee or a bail bond to the court for their release from jail to ensure that the person will return for his or her court date.

The bail amount is determined by the court. The amount can vary based on the crime the defendant is accused of, their criminal record and flight risk. The more serious the offense, the higher the bail. Once the bail amount is set, the person becomes eligible to be released via full payment or a bail bond. While you have the option to pay the full amount in cash to get released, bail is generally quite expensive, often in the range tens of thousands of dollars or more. While you may receive your money back after the court process is complete, a more affordable way to post bail is through the use of a bail bond as delivered by a licensed bail bond agent.

How much does a bail cost ?

As mentioned above since bail is typically set at an amount which is far more than the average person can afford, defendants are usually financial incapable of coming up with the full bail amount. This leaves the defendant with two options. They can remain in jail until their trial or they can hire a bail bondsman who will provide the jail with a bail bond which is equivalent to the full bail amount.

How to bail out from jail ?

A person who has been arrested needs to consider the following options

  • Hire an Attorney
    • Attorneys are usually reliable, but they are the slowest option. The defendant can be in jail/prison a lot longer than necessary while waiting on an attorney. They are, however, best to use for more expensive bails.
  • Pay the full bail amount
    • This is normally not financially feasible for most people.
  • Pay only up to 15% by purchasing a Bail Bond
    • Purchasing a Bail Bond by paying up to 15% of the amount set by the courts. The bail bond agent takes on the risk of losing the full amount they pay for the defendant, especially if the defendant does not appear in court at the required time.

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