Kind Bail Bonds


612 South 3RD Street

Specialty Court

Clark County offers several specialty specialty courts for veterans, gambling addiction, and drug addiction. the below application should be filled out and given to the public defender on your first court date.

All Of Us or None

There are many organizations on a grassroots level that assist people and their families while incarcerated and out. All Of Us Or None has been working for years to assist families, children of incarcerated and prisoners alike.

Band The Box Now!

Ex felons often times have many hurdles reintegrating back into mainstream life. To complicate matters worse felons have difficulty making it to the first interview as many States require that you check the box stating that you have been convicted of a felony. Band The Box organization has advocated that felons be able to get a fair chance to an interview by not having the disadvantage of checking the box. Please support Ban The Box, they are on the front line trying to change the lives who are trying to change.

Jobs for Felons in Nevada

If you are an ex felon and live in Nevada, please take a look at these links to begin your job search. Do not discourage as there are many options available for work.