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Typically when there is a drug trafficking case, the amount of the bond will be high. The reason being is that the amount of drugs in trafficking constitutes a large amount. As well, the original amount for drug trafficking bail bonds will be high due to the fact that the judge will only have the testimony of the arresting agent or agencies. If the accused is being detained for being part of a conspiracy, it is not unlikely for the bail to be six figures.

kind bail bonds Las Vegas staff work very closely with local high profile drug attorneys to understand the nature of each case. In many instances, when a defendant is accused of drug trafficking different measures may be taken by the court. In Las Vegas, the bail premium is mandated by law at 15%, which makes drug trafficking bail bonds very expensive. It is not uncommon for a judge to require a Source Hearing prior to releasing a drug trafficking defendant.

What is a Source Hearing ?

In Las Vegas, the courts may at times and with their discretion require that the defendant give proof of where and how the bail money was obtained. Source Hearings are especially used if there is a notion that the bail money used to release a defendant on a large drug trafficking bail bonds was obtained through illegal measures. The courts have the authority to require such hearings to ensure that proceeds that are directly or indirectly derived from a criminal offense are not used to secure a bond or pay a premium bond. kind bail bonds Las Vegas has assisted many families in this situation and we specialize in the most efficient ways to expedite the return of your loved one. Our goal is to get the defendant out so he or she has access to a legal defense for a fair trial.

What is Flight Risk ?

In particular, drug trafficking cases there is a notion of flight risk in regards to bailing out a defendant. It is typical that the criminal defense attorney, along with the support of family and friends, to show that the defendant has ties to the community. Arguments on behalf of the defendant that he or she is not a flight risk will include:

  • Work History
  • Community Safety Issues
  • Mental and Physical Background
  • Family
  • Educational Background
  • Prior Criminal History
  • Community Support